100 Cars for Good

I have a teeny tiny problem. I leave a ton of posts in draft. Some I come back to. Others I delete. A few will be unedited. Why do I do this? What is it about a post that guarantees that I publish it? Some good posts are left in draft forever. I’m not ready to hit publish. Will I ever be ready to commit to “post the post” if you will? Now, for a few of the posts I take a gander and must give the post a chance. One such post follows…I was sent the information…decided to post…and then didn’t finish the article…I left the post hanging. Here’s one such post about a campaign, a campaign that while almost over needs to see the light of day through my blog post.

Over 100 days, 100 vehicles will be given away. The vehicles will be given to 100 nonprofits from across the country by Toyota.. The nonprofits will be chosen based on public votes through daily voting on Toyota’s Facebook page.

I voted for a local fire department, but I could have voted for several other nonprofits. You can vote each day on Toyota’s Facebook page. You can vote through August 16.

Any registered 501c(3) organizations were invited to apply online and tell how they planned to use the vehicle to do good in their community. Applications are no longer being accepted, but you can still vote for very worthy causes in Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good program. Nonprofits could apply online to win a Toyota Prius, Tacoma, Tundra, Highlander Hybrid, Sienna, or Sienna Mobility, with a six-year 100,000 mile powertrain warranty.

Public voting began on May 9 and will take place for 100 consecutive days. Each day, five organizations will be profiled on Toyota’s Facebook page and voters may vote for the charity they feel most deserving of the vehicle. A vehicle will be awarded each day through August 16 for a total of 100 vehicles. Voters may place one vote per day, each day, over the course of the program.

Of interest to you, my readers, 100 Cars for Good is the first Toyota initiative that engages the public to determine how corporate philanthropic donations will be awarded. I love a worthy cause especially when a big corporation gives back to the community. I can only imagine how much use these nonprofits will get from a new Toyota vehicle.

I’m a Toyota Sienna owner. When I bought the Sienna, I was coming off a run of buying only Fords. A disastrous experience with a Ford Windstar soured me on Fords. The Windstar is on the Consumer Reports list of WORST cars to drive. Nice. This Toyota is now 5 years old. We’ve driven all over the state, on quite a few out-of-town trips, but mostly the Sienna takes our family of 5 from Point A to Point B to Point C back to Point A and so on. We rely on the reliability of our cars in the Musings from Me family.

I was not compensated for this post. From time to time, I like to alert my readers to businesses that are doing good things for the community.

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