Winners: Joy Berry Books!

I let snow, snow days, kids off school, shoveling, snow blowing, get in the way of picking my winner for the fabulous Joy Berry Book sets. I apologize. It won’t happen again. Do you forgive me? Say yes? Oh, goo! Now on to the winners.

Joy Berry is a prolific author of parent-child books. Joy Berry is an accomplished author who has sold over 80 million copies of her books. She has written over 240 Living Skills books for kids. She is an educator, parenting expert, and child development specialist who began writing self-help books over 30 years ago when she couldn’t find books that matched her philosophy for raising responsible children.

Joy Berry Books LogoJoy Berry kindly offered to let me giveaway two sets of books: one for younger kids and one for older kids. My kids all love the books.

I like reading the Let’s Talk About series as I can work with my young son on an issue like “Feeling Angry.” The books are set up so one side of the page is detailed and lengthy — for mom, dad to read, while the other side of the page is briefer for an early reader to read or for mom to read for a nonreader. I have found that kids need to hear an explanation of why not to do something several times before it sinks in!

My teen devoured the Winning Skills: Get Over It in one sitting. So did I!

The winners are (the books will be selected by Joy Berry Books):

Younger Kid Set of Books: Missybeez80

Older Kid Set of Books: klp1965

Thanks to Joy Berry Books and thanks to everyone for entering this awesome giveaway!

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