Black Friday and Me

"I'm ready for Black Friday!"

"I'm ready for Black Friday!"

I have a checkered past with Black Friday. I love it and hate it at the same time. The love is the deals. The hate is getting up early and braving the DC Metro traffic and the crowds!


Did I mention how crowded the stores are? Crowded as in you have to wait in a line 50 deep at Best Buy. Although the Garmin GPS for $199 I found last year is my go-to navigation device!

Crowded as in you are silently cursing the entire extended family shopping the toy aisle in Walmart together with three shopping carts, two strollers, and a wandering toddler. People, there is barely enough room for one cart…let alone your caravan of vehicles! When I finally got to the toy aisle I scored a pair of Nerf guns for $3 each. A High School Musical doll for $4….I bought the entire gang of Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay…

Oh and did I mention my Black Fiday snafu? I arrived at Walmart at the crack of dawn to purchase two Fisher Price Power Wheels vehicles…only to find that the deal was good for a week, not just for Black Friday. Planning fail!

Finding a parking space? Good luck. At my area Target, be prepared to drive around for at least 15 minutes before nabbing that space. Of course, once inside Target I love finding deals. The Barbies for $5 each. The bag of gift bags AND tissue paper for $2! A couple of Nintendo DS games for $19.99 each!

What are you doing this Black Friday? Will you read the flyers and map out your morning like a military campaign? Will you just choose a store and shop for the deals available? Will you stay at home in bed??

Collective Bias and Whrrl have partnered to create My Black Friday Deals, a site designed to show shoppers the best Black Friday deals using social media. Visitors can vote on the best deals, which will be posted via Whrrl, a mobile application that lets users take photos of their experiences in real time. The posts will be shared via social media sites like Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

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