Taking Back Date Night #sitterscout

Stress was my middle name when my oldest was a baby.

My husband and I were living in a whirl of work and school. He was an English teacher who coached two Varsity teams for the high school he taught at. And he was in graduate school at night for his PhD in English Education. I was a new mom with a killer workload. If someone called me to take on a freelance editorial job, I didn’t ask questions. My workload as a freelancer was heavy and looking back completely unreasonable bearing in mind that I was a new mom recovering from an unexpected C-section.

Even with all the stress and the uncertainty of our lives, we made a decision that literally saved our sanity. We booked a babysitter for date night.

Even in times of high stress, heavy workload, and even financial troubles, taking a night or two off is essential. My husband and I were fortunate that our daughter was the oldest and only grandchild on both sides of our family. We always knew that we had a babysitter willing to take care of our daughter.

Having family ready and willing to babysit may not always be feasible, especially when you are living far away. Recently, I learned about Sitterscout. Sitterscout is a site where you can schedule your babysitters. All you need to do is enter the name, email, and cell phone of your babysitter and you are ready to go. Enter Grandma’s name or the teen on your street or the mom in your playgroup and you are good to go.

Sitterscout can be used at home from laptop or computer, but is also great for on-the-go use through

I wanted to learn more so I explored and found the Sitterscout Philosophy:
  • SitterScout’s reason for being is to help parents with babysitter logistics, with the end goal being to get parents out of the house and into some much-needed grown-up time.
  • We have a strong belief that happy parents are better parents. To be happy, parents need time away from their kids.
  • There are many products for/about kids. This one is for PARENTS.
  • We want to support and encourage parents in their efforts to recharge their batteries by helping them make and find time for themselves.
Want to learn more about Sitterscout?
  • Learn more about our philosophy and founder parents here.
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  • And of course sign up to use this useful service the next time you need a night out!

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