Scenes from the Sidelines of Youth Soccer Game

Julia Pic DayThe mad morning scramble for soccer uniform, soccer cleats, soccer ball, and soccer shin guards! Why didn’t we pack everything the might before?!

The frantic Febreze-ing of “forgotten in the laundry pile” soccer uniforms.

The lightning-quick power drying of too-damp soccer shirts.

The gathering of “things to keep the younger siblings occupied” at the older sibling’s youth soccer match or practice…baby teething toys, baby bottles, juice bags, soccer ball, snacks, iPads, Switch.

The soccer chair in the bag with a strap.

The mad dash with stroller and soccer chairs and blanket and soccer ball and the collapsible folding sports/utility wagon…and of course the soccer player(!)…from the too-faraway parking spot to the soccer field.

The relief when you find a water bottle in the bottom of the stroller or diaper bag! No one wants a dehydrated soccer player!

The blankets spread on the ground.

The little kids running around on the sidelines. The corralling of your little kid just off the field because your little kid is desperately trying to get as close to the soccer ball action as possible!

The moms and dads watching the soccer kids on the soccer field.

The tiny soccer players in brightly colored uniforms and even brighter cleats that you can see on the soccer fields around you.

The cheers for scoring a goal. The cheers for almost scoring a goal. And the cheers for scoring a goal for their own team. Better luck next time, but it’s still a goal when all is said and done!

The cooler of snacks for after the soccer game when it is your turn to be snack mom.

The clamor of kids running off the field for the snack. The relief when the kids see that the snack is a Rice Krispie treat and not a banana.

The gathering of soccer ball, big kids, little kids, blanket, soccer chairs, and baby and stroller for the long march back to the parking lot. Or…the frantic running to the next kids soccer game and starting all over again!

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