Musings on Organization: Do You Make Your Bed Each Day?

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Hanging out in a Hotel Room Before Bed.

U.S. Navy Admiral McRaven recommends making your bed each day. Do you? I do not. Never have. I give my sheets and comforter a shake before climbing in to bed. I plumped my pillows. I straighten the items on my nightstand. The only time I make the bed is when I change the sheets in the bedrooms.

Kids Preteens Tweens Teens Hotel Vacation TravelWhen I change the sheets, I start looking at all the other issues in the bedrooms…dust, clutter, overflowing laundry hamper. I get overwhelmed and then stop making the bed. When I change the sheets, I do a thorough clean of the room. I would have less work to do if I made the bed, picked up clutter, etc., each day instead of letting the mess get out of hand. Oh well…

Kids Preteens Tweens Teens Travel Vacation Hotel

One of the joys of staying in a hotel, is the immaculately and crisply made bed. I have great admiration for anyone who cleans hotel rooms. I try to leave them in good condition.

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